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The German word to describe the most fun- and funny- events is "Lustig". English speakers will recognize its root – "Lust" – a word that conjures up our innermost notions of play, desire, and curiosity. Lustig, like Lust is a core value of Austrian lifestyle. A moment only becomes "Lustig" when shared with others in a warm, welcoming atmosphere where minds and hearts are awakened to new possibilities. This is the sentiment we will bring to Los Angeles – Gemütlichkeit!

What we call "Gemütlichkeit" in Austria, is one of the key features of many traditionally run restaurants in Europe. A warm, welcoming, and enjoyable atmosphere. It is important to go out for the fun as much as seeking to have a great drink and meal at the end of the day – entertainment is a big part of the hospitality industry and which is better known for entertainment than the city of Angels, Los Angeles.

So come join us and help us create the "Gemütlichkeit" that we all seek especially after the last few years all of us had.


Chef Bernhard Mairinger’s newest restaurant concept arriving in Culver city in Summer 2023.


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"Chef Bernhard Mairinger Jumps Back Into the Restaurant Game With New Culver City Spot"
The former Bierbeisl chef, who has been doing private dinners for five years, is opening at Helms Bakery complex

Matthew Kang, LA Eater

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Contact us

3273 Helms Ave, Culver City, CA 90232
email: info ( at )
phone: coming soon

Anticipated Hours of Operations
Open daily for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Fun Hours (aka happy hour) and Late Night Menu

Chef Bernhard Mairinger

Bernhard Mairinger


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