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“Here’s a cuisine you don’t hear much about in LA: Austrian. Located inside Culver City’s Helms Bakery building, Lustig is an industrial-looking space full of sharp lines and red, blue, and yellow accents (in case you forgot your primary colors). The menu is a modern approach to Alpine cuisine…”

FEB. 23, 2024 by Sylvio Martins | Read full article »

“Austrian Bernhard Mairinger has twice been nominated for the James Beard Award for „Best New Restaurant and Emerging Celebrity Chef“ and has brought authentic Austrian cuisine to Los Angeles with his BierBeisl restaurant. In his new restaurant „Lustig“ he once again offers a culinary range of Austrian cuisine…”

FEB. 21, 2024 by Hedi Grager | Read full article »

“Pedigreed chef Bernhard Mairinger, whose modern-Austrian restaurant BierBeisl was a cult favorite among Beverly Hills-centric industry execs and countryman Wolfgang Puck, has spent the past decade mostly on the private-chef circuit; now he’s back with this instantly busy, hyper-refined and more personal creative vision in Culver City. Mairinger has resurrected his veal wiener schnitzel, ..”

FEB. 14, 2024 by The Hollywood Reporter (Print Issue)

“Spago located in Beverly Hills got a shoutout for its smoked salmon pizza, while Tony’s Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco was recognized for its mortadella e burrata pizza. Forbes also highlighted Lustig in Culver City, whose croque monsieur pizza includes béchamel, prosciutto cotto, gruyere and parmesan cheese….” (Pay wall)

FEB. 6, 2024 by Jacqueline Pinedo  – | Read also on »

“At Lustig in Culver City, the pizza is made with béchamel, prosciutto cotto, gruyere, and parmesan. The crust is made with organic spelt sourdough. Chef Bernhard Mairinger commented, “What I love about pizza is that it is so flexible and easy to play with. At Lustig many of our pizzas represent a dish that you wouldn’t normally associate with pizza including the Croque Monsieur, the Ratatouille or our Raclette. For the Croque Monsieur I took the ingredients of a beloved and decadent sandwich and turned it into a pizza (that has our customers asking for more)…”

FEB. 3, 2024 by Aly Walansky  – | Read full article »

“Angelenos may remember Bernhard Mairinger’s Austrian dishes from his restaurant, BierBeisl. Showing the cheeky side of his personality through his food is behind his latest venture, Lustig, which translates to fun in German. Mairinger shops for little gems and winter greens from The Garden Of at the Santa Monica Farmers Market. “It’s actually my favorite thing to eat, believe it or not. Salad is the one thing I can’t live without,” says the chef…”

FEB. 2, 2024 by Evan Kleiman – | Read full article »

“From the impish Ted Lasso-inspired “RELIEVE” sign in the bathroom to the menu’s various cheeky asides, this cozy, Austrian-accented bistro in Culver City manages to put “fun” and “fine dining” in the same sentence. Chef Bernhard Mairinger’s dinner menu is full of global influences, but the former BierBeisl chef is at his best with pan-European dishes like chicken liver profiteroles with dark chocolate and a classic veal wienerschnitzel with lingonberry-yuzu chutney….”

FEB. 1, 2024 by Patricia Kelly Yeo – TimeOut Los Angeles | Read full article »

The 19 Hottest New Restaurants in Los Angeles, February 2024:
“… Chef Bernhard Mairinger, perhaps the tallest chef in LA history, brings back his ode to Austria with this classy European-feeling restaurant in Culver City’s Helms Bakery project….”

FEB. 1, 2024 by LA Eater  | Read full article »

“… The name Lustig, derived from the German word meaning “to have fun” is a good indication that chef Bernhard Mairinger doesn’t want you to take yourself too seriously at his new Helms Bakery restaurant in Culver City. The casual, warm atmosphere serves comfort dishes with a modern and an Austrian twist. The Caesar salad is served with marinated trout caviar; pizza toppings include croque monsieur and merguez sausage….”

JAN. 30, 2024 by California Media Group – ARRIVED Los Angeles | Read full article »

“… The long-anticipated restaurant from Bernhard Mairinger (formerly of BierBeisl and the Patina Group) is now open in Culver City’s Helms Bakery District with a mix of global cuisines, an Austrian throughline underpinning it all. There’s veal wiener schnitzel with lingonberry and yuzu chutney; chicken liver profiteroles with dark chocolate and Riesling; airline chicken with asparagus aglio e olio and a lemon-and-tarragon jus; raclette flatbread; hamachi with green apple, mustard and pickled wasabi; paprikash-inspired steak tartare; and, for dessert, options such as apple strudel cigars…”

JAN. 30, 2024 by Stephanie Breijo – | Read full article »

“At Bernhard Mairinger’s new Austrian-inflected restaurant Lustig, the 6-foot 8-inch-tall chef will feed anyone taller than him for free. This signature offering, which dates back to his Beverly Hills restaurant BierBeisl, includes an appetizer, entree, and drink. Though only a small number of the population will actually qualify for the special, the rest of the dining crowd can still get a taste Mairinger’s famed wiener schnitzel and chicken liver profiteroles at his newest Los Angeles restaurant…”

JAN. 5, 2024 by  – | Read full article »

“…Mairinger, who will be opening his “Lustig” restaurant featuring fun twists on international favorites in Culver City’s Helms bakery district this summer, provided tastings that included Welsh Dunbia lamb – now being exported to the U.S. again after more than 20 years. Move over Aussie lamb, there’s about to be a British invasion….”

MAR. 2023 by Michele Stueven – | Read full article »

“Gastro pioneer Bernhard came to Los Angeles with a suitcase and a thirst for adventure – and stayed… He has spent the last seven years travelling the world as an independent caterer for wealthy customers. But now he wants to give it another go: He is opening his new restaurant “Lustig” in L.A. His aim: a fun restaurant and Austrian cuisine with a twist a la Bernhard!…”

JAN. 2023 TV-Show by | View article (German) »

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