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Lustig” is the German word to describe the most fun and funny events. English speakers will recognize its root “Lust” is a word that conjures up our innermost notions of play, desire, and curiosity. Lustig, like lust is a core value of Austrian lifestyle. A moment only becomes “Lustig” when shared with others in a warm, welcoming atmosphere where minds and hearts are awakened to new possibilities. This is the sentiment we will bring to Los Angeles – Gemütlichkeit!

What we call Gemütlichkeit in Austria, is one of the key features of many traditionally run restaurants in Europe – a warm, welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere. In addition to going out for a great meal and drink at the end of the day, it is just as important to go out for fun.  Entertainment is a big part of the hospitality industry, and there is no other city better known for entertainment than the city of Angeles, Los Angeles.

Most importantly having a bit of fun does not mean to not pay attention to the little details, those little details always make the difference. Looking forward to raising a fork together soon.

Since May, 2024 we are listed as a MICHELIN Guide Restaurant

Private Dining Room
At the LUSTIG bar
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